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Dynamic Team Leaders

Comprehensive 1-month program facilitated in-house or online for groups, or online for individuals.


A Team leader carries the responsibility of ensuring that the team meets the required departmental and organisational standards. Fundamentally, team leaders and teams who understand their organisational purpose are set to achieve these standards.


However, for the team to exceed the organisational standards, the team leader needs skills with which to unlock the natural abilities and desires for high performance in every team member, managing them so that they experience 1) a sense of purpose, 2) a sense of fulfilment and 3) a sense of significance to the organisation. If the team leader is able to manage the individual team members in line with the three criteria above, high performance is the natural result.


But, before this can happen, the team leader first has to practice self-management. More often than not, the team leader arose from the ranks of the team and now has to overcome several obstacles, some of which are unique to the South African workplace.


Our Team Leader program has at its base two focus areas: 1) to alter the mindset of team leaders, helping them to make the challenging transition from team member to team leader and 2) managing team members in line with the three criteria mentioned above.


After consulting with the client and determining specific needs and expectations, we build on the fundamentals to deliver a targeted training solution that provides a measurable return on investment.




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