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Empowering Supervisors

Comprehensive 1-month program facilitated in-house or online for groups, or online for individuals.


A supervisor oversees the day-to-day performance of employees and may manage a team, a shift or a department. They have to manage workflow, create and manage schedules, train newcomers, convey accurate information from senior management and communicate their team/department of shift requirements and issues to senior management. They need to be fluent in both the labour laws of the country and internal company policies.  Depending on the industry they work in, supervisors may experience intense "sandwich" pressure, due to demands from both the top and bottom.


Although they do not carry the title of "manager", their sole responsibility is to manage.  Like a manager, a supervisor should not have to constantly drive and drag people to perform, but rather acquire the skills with which to unlock people's natural desire to perform.


The traditional adage of "Come to work, do your job, keep your head down, go home, get paid" does not satisfy today's workforce, who want to experience a sense of purpose, fulfilment and significance to the organisation. A great supervisor can create an environment where these needs are met and when these needs are met, willing performance is the result.


The Empowering Supervisors program is designed for the South African market, where supervisors have to deal with a diverse workforce with unique requirements.


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