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For many years, the average South African salesperson has been a transactional salesperson – “I’ll close this deal, then move on to the next.” The result of that sales strategy is that it fills the order book but places the supplier in the position of “one of many” – there is no long-lasting value-based business relationship. “Deals” are done based on immediate need and a price list.


Since the mid 1990’s, when South African businesses realised that price-based decisions increased commercial risk, a number of suppliers adopted the “hunter-farmer” sales model. The idea being that the “hunter” would go and close the initial deal, and then hand the client off to the “farmer” to grow the commercial relationship. All good, except that more often than not, the “hunter” went for the deal as a transactional sale, with no conversation as to the client’s forward planning and requirements which information, when passed to the “farmer”, would place him or her in a very strong position to grow the client.


Today’s client requires a fair price, high quality and above all, a value driven relationship with the supplier. Therefore, we need salespeople that can close on the transactional sale and at the same time have a future focussed, value driven conversation with the client, that will bring them back for more.


Psychology tells us that when people “buy” a value-driven relationship, in the decision-making process price becomes the secondary consideration.


MBI-PositiveImpact takes your salespeople from a deal-driven mentality to a value-driven commercial relationship strategy.


This program is designed to take salespeople at different levels of experience, and allow them to:


  1. think and plan strategically by understanding the client emotionally and intellectually, as well as understanding the practical issues in the client company. (Future focussed, value driven conversation).

  2. create an environment in which the client wants to buy, rather than be sold to

  3. present a value delivery strategy or plan in such a way that the client clearly understands the short and long-term benefits

  4. maximise opportunities for business with the client


In addition, the program will allow salespeople to learn self-discipline and self-motivation, as well as providing the confidence that a personalised skill imparts.

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