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SalesWizard is about Sales. - Lots of sales! And making sure that the customer stays with you to give you lots more sales!  


Wikipedia defines sales as "Acivities related to selling or the number of goods sold in a given targeted time period.  The delivery of a service at a cost is also considered a sale."  Wikipedia is wrong! Sales is about selling goods and services at an acceptable margin!


The question however is this: what strategy leads to an "acceptable margin"? By now we know that if you are seling on price, all you're doing is competeing in a "price based" auction for the lowest bidder, and its all controlled by your client! Indeed, a very dangerous place to be!


To achieve an "acceptable margin" in a sale, today’s client requires a fair price, high quality and above all, a value-driven relationship with the supplier. Therefore, we need salespeople that can close on the transactional sale and at the same time have a future-focussed, value-driven conversation with the client, that will bring them back for more. Every time that you engage with your client, this unspoken question is being asked of you: "What are you going to do to make my life / business easier, safer, better and more cost effective?" The supplier with the best answer to that question will get the deal. So why aren't you getting the deal?


Psychology tells us that when people “buy” a value-driven relationship, in the decision-making process price becomes the secondary consideration.


SalesWizard takes your salespeople from a deal-driven mentality to a value-driven commercial relationship strategy.


But SalesWizard does not use a "one-size-fits-all" approach. We have a sales framework into which we fit the expectations that you have of your salespeople.  Get in touch with SalesWizard on the contact form on the right and let's explore your unique requirements so that when we "hit the road" with your salespeople, we hit all the right "pain spots".



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