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Webinar:   He knew how to. They didn't. 

Recruiting is a gamble. And it is costly. If we don't know how to stack the odds in our favour in this crucial process, we will lose - dearly. We need a bag of "tricks".


Why? A person who initially appears to be right for the job is appointed. When it is discovered that the person is unsuitable and gets fired or leaves, the echo carries much further than we think. The cost can be massive - up to 7 times their annual salary!   - but the cost is not just in terms of money.


This 3-hour morning webinar has already saved money and headaches for hundreds of managers and others involved in recruiting.  Don't miss it.


Stacking the odds in your favour involves:


  • Clearly defining what you want
  • Rethinking the way you have been structuring interviews
  • Questioning to get behind the candidate's mask
  • and other out-of-the-box snippets


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Book now for this webinar - 23 June 2021 from 09:00 to 12:00 

R385.00 pp excl VAT

23 June 2021

R385 pp ex VAT


It was a great course covering aspects that really need to be implemented within our company! (A Booth - Introstat)


It has become clearer that the interview process is a critical part of business and it pays in the long term to take time and effort to do it right. As a business we give too much responsibility to the employment agency and/or HR. Taking on the responsibility yourself, is critical! (Line Manager)

(PayFast option available - please enquire.)