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On-site and Online facilitator-led training

Project Management - Simplified

Projects often fail due to poor planning - or no planning at all. The reason for this is that we feel the pressure to jump in and start doing the work to meet the aggressive time schedules. What we fail to see in advance, is that the time we take to plan thoroughly before we start, is much less than the time we spend doing U-turns during the course of the project.


Although certain projects are of a mammoth scale with many variables, what-if’s, “unforeseens” and pushy stakeholders, managing a project should be approached as a practical, hands-on exercise rather than a complicated science.



Project Managemnet Simplified will not teach attendees MS Projects or any other project management programme, but will rather provide hands-on experience with regards to planning and executing a project – in an uncomplicated and simple way.


The program is suitable for people with previous experience in running projects, as well as those involved in planning a project for the first time. 



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