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Negotiation & Influence Strategies

Entering a negotiation with an “I-want-it-my-way” attitude, dooms us to failure.  If we enter negotiations with an “I’ll-be-the-least-and-be-nice” attitude, we are just as doomed. If we enter a negotiation with a “Let’s-find-a-solution-we-can-enthusiastically-agree-on” attitude, we are on track to success.  Well maybe not enthusiastically, but we can try!


A successful negotiation is one where no-one "wins", but all parties walk away with a result that they can live with, and which is the best solution to the challenge at hand.


Approaching a negotiation from this angle can be surprisingly rewarding, because looking at anything from an even slightly different angle than our default angle, gives us the opportunity to see possibilities that would never have entered our minds otherwise.


In the practical Negotiation & Influence Strategies program, attendees will learn how to influence a negotiation in such a way that “wish lists” become the low priority and finding a plan or solution - one that we can all live with - becomes the number one priority, resulting in all parties walking away with an acceptable plan that will work to achieve an acceptable result. 


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