The science of Human Performance

There is no more important managerial relationship than that of an employee and line manager. The manager supervises the employees, coordinates their work, provides the needed resources, encourages them and generally makes sure that a team of employees performs its responsibilities efficiently and effectively.


An organisation that realises the importance of developing a strong line management is an organisation which will flourish and grow.


Line managers are expected to deliver results. That is the expectation, and it is non-negotiable.


But in reality, when the pressure is on, managers start to manage reactively, which leads to staff being micromanaged and pressured, which causes staff to feel disempowered and therefore they don’t take ownership.


The best part in this? – these are not bad managers; they are just unskilled in the art of getting the best out of the people that they manage!


High performance and effectiveness are in-built in everyone’s DNA - it is something that people access every day in their personal lives, and yet when they come to work, we struggle to get them to even meet minimum standards and requirements. Why? We are simply not creating a management environment that stimulates the “Performance Centre” of the employee’s brain, harnessing it to achieve the company goals. High performance is never an accident. Neither is it a given. But it is the job of the manager.


This is not a Performance Management Training course. It is a course designed to give managers the skills that they need to get high performance from their staff without having to beg, plead, cajole, bribe incentivise, threaten or “performance manage”.


Management Made Easy covers the three most important functions of a people manager –


1) Get work done instead of doing the work,

2) Create a management environment conducive to high performance, and

3) Manage people in such a way as to allow the “Performance Centre” of the brain to work.


Performance is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.   -Paul J. Meyer


Management Made Easy will teach managers the skills and processes with which to unlock the natural high performance abilities of the people that they manage.


Aligned (but not limited to) unit standards under the qualification Generic Management Level 5


Some feedback from attendees:


Quality program, that is immediately applicable, logical and usable to make a change of how we as managers and leaders look at certain aspects of our business. Mark is an excellent and enthusiastic presenter. - Theo, DC Manager


I had a fantastic experience working with Mark. He was a highly effective coach who really took the time to understand my unique needs and goals. His communication was clear and concise, and he demonstrated a genuine empathy and interest in my progress. The coaching sessions were personalized and tailored to my specific situation, and I always felt motivated and inspired to take action after our meetings. Overall, I give my highest recommendation to Mark for anyone looking for an outstanding coaching experience. - Juan, Transport Manager


The first thing I learnt is if I do something the same way daily it cannot give different results. The only way to have different results is change the way I do things. I discovered that my job is to encourage others to do the job, it is not my job to do the job for them. The main aim of coming to work on daily basis is to make money, save money and reduce risk for the business. It is my duty to make sure the people that work forme know their responsibilities and are held accountable. - Petrus, Shift Co-ordinator


It was the best one on one (coaching) I have ever had.Like I said in one of the sessions, every time I now have a management problem I just take my mind back to the screen and I will know what to do.I believe that now I'm in the best decision place I have ever been.Thank you again. - Shonisani, Production Foreman

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We’ve Done It All But All Is Not Right!

So your managers all have degrees, diploma’s or certificates. They have all been through Planning, Leading, Organising, Controlling in one form or another. And they have been trained how to have a performance conversation with each of their staff members. Management training complete! Or is it? Somewhere along the line management training seems to have lost or forgotten the most important fundamentals of people management -


Behaviour – Do your managers know what this is? That behaviour is the most profound form of communication known to man, and that if not understood can lead to a complete breakdown in the manager/employee relationship?


Maximising Strengths – Do your managers understand the difference between skills, competence, qualities and strengths? If not, how do they hope to get the best out of the people that they manage?


Delegation – Do your managers understand that delegation is not a “dumping” exercise? That delegation has two goals – to get the job done, and to give the delegatee a growth experience? But to know how to delegate to achieve those two goals.


Coaching – Every manager knows that coaching is the most important part of his or her job right? But do they know how? Done right, it’s very powerful. Done wrong, it's disastrous!


Managing Individual Performance – Do your managers understand that every person that reports to them requires a different management strategy to get the best from them? Do they even know how to build an individual management strategy?


Maintaining Discipline – We know that workplace discipline is important. But how to apply it without sounding or acting like a tyrant is the question! I’ll give you a hint – it’s not about asserting authority!


Managing Workflow – Do your managers know what workflow is, or are they more familiar with work bottleneck? Get workflow right, stress diminishes and performance increases.


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