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Every human being has the ability and desire to achieve high performance.  All you have to do as the manager, is learn how to unlock this.


Regrettably, due to the way things have been done for so many years, we find ourselves saddled with a patriarchal and authoritarian way of managing people.  No matter how much we try and soften this with terms like inclusivity, participation or empowerment; at the end of the day people are still managed with "come to work, do your job, keep your head down, go home, get paid". The result is minimal compliance with minimum standards (KPI's). IT'S NOT WORKING - WHY?


To unlock the natural abilities and desires for high performance in every person, they have to be managed so that they experience a sense of purpose, a sense of fulfilment and a sense of significance to the organisation. "Come to work, do your job, keep your head down, go home, get paid" does not achieve that.


Management Made Easy (Management 1.0) will teach managers the skills and processes with which to unlock the natural high performance abilities of the people that they manage.


Aligned (but not limited to) unit standards under the qualification Generic Management L5

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We’ve Done It All But All Is Not Right!


So your managers all have degrees, diploma’s or certificates. They have all been through Planning, Leading, Organising, Controlling in one form or another. And they have been trained how to have a performance conversation with each of their staff members. Management training complete! Or is it? Somewhere along the line management training seems to have lost or forgotten the most important fundamentals of people management -


Behaviour – Do your managers know what this is? That behaviour is the most profound form of communication known to man, and that if not understood can lead to a complete breakdown in the manager/employee relationship?


Maximising Strengths – Do your managers understand the difference between skills, competence, qualities and strengths? If not, how do they hope to get the best out of the people that they manage?


Delegation – Do your managers understand that delegation is not a “dumping” exercise? That delegation has two goals – to get the job done, and to give the delegatee a growth experience? But to know how to delegate to achieve those two goals.


Coaching – Every manager knows that coaching is the most important part of his or her job right? But do they know how? Done right, it’s very powerful. Done wrong, it's disastrous!


Managing Individual Performance – Do your managers understand that every person that reports to them requires a different management strategy to get the best from them? Do they even know how to build an individual management strategy?


Maintaining Discipline – We know that workplace discipline is important. But how to apply it without sounding or acting like a tyrant is the question! I’ll give you a hint – it’s not about asserting authority!


Managing Workflow – Do your managers know what workflow is, or are they more familiar with work bottleneck? Get workflow right, stress diminishes and performance increases.


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