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On-site and Online facilitator-led training

Management 1.0

Managing High Performance

Comprehensive 1-month program facilitated in-house or online for a group, or online for individuals. 


Why drive business performance when you, manager, can just let it happen? The truth is that every human being has the ability and desire to achieve high performance.  All you have to do as the manager, is learn how to unlock this.


Regrettably, due to the way things have been done for so many years, we find ourselves saddled with a patriarchal and authoritarian way of managing people.  No matter how much we try and soften this with terms like inclusivity, participation or empowerment; at the end of the day people are still managed with "come to work, do your job, keep your head down, go home, get paid". The result is minimal compliance with minimum standards (KPI's). IT'S NOT WORKING - WHY?


To unlock the natural abilities and desires for high performance in every person, they have to be managed so that they experience a sense of purpose, a sense of fulfilment and a sense of significance to the organisation. "Come to work, do your job, keep your head down, go home, get paid" does not achieve that.


Management 1.0: Managing High Performance will teach you the skills and processes with which to unlock the natural high performance abilities of the people that you manage.


Aligned to unit standards under the qualification Generic Management L5



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