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Frontline Fearsomeness

When thinking of frontline people, receptionists, switchboard operators and call centre staff come to mind first, however, every single person in your company is a frontline person, either some or all of the time! 


People either “run towards pleasure” or they “run away from pain”, so your frontline people – that is anyone inside your business that has contact with anyone outside of your business at any time - must own a “kit” of fearsome techniques that will cause people to “run towards the pleasure” of dealing with your company. Even when mistakes are made, customers will forgive and return if they feel respected and valued. 


Yes we live in the fourth industrial revolution, and with the global health crisis of 2020 propelling us even faster into 4IR, human beings are still wired to respond positively to a pleasant, value-driven human interaction.  


This Frontline Fearsomeness program is designed to show attendees how to confidently interact with colleagues, suppliers and clients in a way that will have them all coming back for more.


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