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Operational Finance

Understanding the Financial rules of busines


Business can be likened to a game, and like any game or sport, the players cannot be expected to perform if they are ignorant of the rules and scoring method of their particular sport. Those who understand the rules the best, win.


This program is unique in that we focus on the important role that operational managers play in the ongoing success of your business. It is directed at assisting these key players to make well- informed decisions in line with shareholder and company objectives.


The bottom line question they are encouraged to answer is: “Will this decision increase or decrease the wealth of the business?”


Operational Finance not only teaches the concepts and terminology of business finance but also the application of these principles for increasing the wealth and therefore the long-term sustainability of the business, through better operational decisions.


The program can be adapted to and facilitated for different needs and/or levels in the organisation:


1. Introduction to Operational Finance 

2. Operational Finance - Understanding the Financial
    Rules of Business 

3. Operational Finance & Budgeting


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