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On-site and Online facilitator-led training

The Disciplinary Process made easy

Of cases that employers lose at the CCMA, the majority although substantively valid, are lost because of procedural incorrectness.


It is therefore essential that managers involved in the disciplinary process have a clear understanding of the total process, from informal warning right through to formal hearing.


Likewise, to ensure the success and fairness of a disciplinary hearing, the manager tasked with chairing the hearing must ensure that the hearing is conducted in a fair and equitable manner and in compliance with both the employer’s disciplinary code as well as the laws of the country.


The Disciplinary Process Made Easy is designed to give managers not only the insight, but also the skills and techniques with which to fulfill the requirements of the disciplinary procedure from informal warning to formal hearing, as well as chairing a hearing.  The program includes lecturing, discussion and knowledge testing.


Chairing a Disciplinary Hearing is available as a stand-alone program for managers who need to learn this module on its own. 


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