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Constructive Conflict Resolution Skills

Conflict is a hated thing. We either run away from it or we go on the attack, both resulting in the conflict "still standing".


Conflict usually results from selfishness, and a refusal to give up your position, wanting to retain the right to be right. If we can learn to welcome conflict and view it as an opportunity to put our relationship on a higher and better level of understanding, we have learnt one of the most valuable lessons in life.


The emotional and intellectual pressure that we endure due to  unresolved and badly handled conflicts, is much more draining damaging than confronting conflict in a systematic, mature manner. In business, this interferes with performance and can even lead to disciplinary action.


The Constructive Conflict Resolution program guides you through a step by step process with set parameters and boundaries, with which to work your way through the issues and reach a place of respect, understanding and acceptance.


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