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On-site and Online facilitator-led training

Coaching for Excellence

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Employees who receive daily, meaningful feedback from their managers are much more likely to perform than those who receive feedback only at appraisal time.


Coaching is is one of the non-negotiable functions of a manager. It is about supporting an employee in one of three areas at a time: corrective, growth and personal. A good manager is adept at understanding what coaching is needed, and then providing that coaching in a safe environment. 


"I don’t have time to coach. I’m too busy!” is a lament that we often hear.  But most often managers are just not equipped to have individualysed, constructive, coaching interactions with their employees.


Our Coaching for Excellence program has the fundamentals of coaching at its base.  After consulting with the client and determining specific needs and expectations, we build on that base to deliver a targeted training solution that provides a return on investment.