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Business Acumen - the skill we cannot afford to neglect

Business acumen is the ability to combine experience, knowledge, perspective, and awareness to make, or advise a client, co-workers and others on making sound decisions. The development of this ability leads to better judgement and allows the person to view their own and client, co-worker or others' needs in a holistic, long-term way.


People that have well-developed business acumen are highly respected and trusted.


Few people have business acumen by default - the majority of people don’t – they have to learn it. And fortunately, with dedication and commitment, it is not difficult to learn. 


This is not a training course. It is a personal development experience designed to give people the skills and qualities that they need to be taken seriously, provide their clients with strategic solutions, add value to clients, co-workers, friends and family and to get ahead in their careers.


Developing Business Acumen covers three functions


1) Developing an ongoing internalized knowledge base

2) Develop the skill of strategic, lateral thinking

3) Bringing 1 and 2 above together to provide value-
     driven solutions.


This program consists of the essential characteristics of business acumen and is customised for and focussed on client requirements.


Performance is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. -Paul J. Meyer




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