About Mark Deavall

Mark Deavall is the founder of and has been the managing director of Merit Business Institute for more than three decades.


What makes Mark an asset to his clients, is his extensive knowledge and understanding across different industries, including best strategy, industry culture - right down to product knowledge. Mark's clients regularly express their surprise and gratitude for his knowledge of and insights into their specific industries and unique challenges, which, coming from an "outsider" brings new perspectives and solutions that they may not have discovered from "insider" perspective.


Mark is passionate about management. In fact, Mark believes that a manager’s chief responsibility is to create an environment in which people want to perform. When people want to perform, motivation, high morale and productivity are the natural results. Management problems reduce significantly and the management function becomes so much easier and more pleasurable.

Mark's passion for management is fueled by the fact that there exists a direct relationship between effective management and high profit, which is why organisations are in business after all.


Mark has the same belief about his other passion - Sales. "Sales professionals have to create an environment in which customers want to buy and remain loyal, without playing the "lowest price" game, which is just an excuse for lazy salesmanship". Having been a successful salesman and sales manager himself, combined with the ability to transfer knowledge, insights and skills in a simple manner, Mark has equipped both the sales managers and sales executives of many clients, for lasting success.


Having over 30 years of experience in the science, art and psychology of management and sales, Mark applies this experience and knowledge to each client’s challenges to craft relevant solutions. Mark can both communicate and implement solutions, enabling clients to become more profitable by involving people and technology within a clear business strategy. The cost of labour is one of the highest expenses that a company carries. Therefore, it stands to reason that this cost must be managed very carefully to ensure an acceptable return on investment. 


Mark has consulted to major corporations in South Africa, including Innovation Group, Nampak, Lafarge, DHL Express, Global Forwarding and Supply Chain, Adapt IT, Danone Southern Africa, Kone Elevators, Essilor, Element Six, Letaba Pumps, ENSafrica, Indwe Risk Services, Italtile as well as in Kenya and Nigeria, regarding the productive management of staff. 


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